A biography of sorts...

“I knit from home, in my comfortable knitting chair, dreaming up little woolly objets d’art to adorn the humble teapot.  Tea Cosies.  I knit them, pattern them and give them a funny name.  When I am done, they are photographed like haute couture and published in a book.”

BUT there have been other incarnations.  Most recently Loani snuck into large organisations and spring-cleaned and restructured their electronic filing systems - like a sort of modern filing fairy.  Before that she liked to administrate for artistic and charitable organisations.  And in another life entirely she mucked about on the viola and taught little kids how to whip out a tune on their own instruments.

Loani is the happy mother of one grown up son, Benjamin Bunny.  She has a love hate relationship with two recalcitrant Burmese kittens, Purl and Bruce, and blames this whole knitty nonsense on The Bloke and the Rugby World Cup 2003.

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P.S.  Loani sometimes talks about herself in the third person.  She can’t help herself.


Funny Knitter

Published Knitter

Queen of the Tea Cosies

Loani Prior