Portraits of a Tea Cosy

an Exhibition


In July 2013 the Warwick Arts Gallery will launch the exhibition “Portraits of a Tea Cosy” which includes..

           Photographic Portraits by Mark Crocker

        Stories by Tea Cosy Guardians

        Knitted Objets d’Art (Tea Cosies) by Loani Prior (c’est moi) 

                with video deconstructions (very modern) of the tea cosies.

Every tea cosy has a story and in 2012 Mark and I have been collecting your stories.

At my very first book event in 2008, Joan, a complete stranger to me, brought her tea cosy to show me.  She held that cosy close to her heart while she told me its story.  Her grandmother had made the cosy when she was a young bride and used it every day of her life.  Joan’s mother had whisked the cosy away proprietarily on the grandmother’s death.  Now it was Joan’s.  The tea cosy was almost 80 years old, threadbare, tannin stained and very well loved.  The perfect heirloom.

The Portraits of a Tea Cosy project is a tribute to ALL those who make and give tea cosies to their loved ones.  It is a celebration of the taking of tea, the making of friends and the keeping of memories.  It is a celebration of family and history and culture - so much wrapped up and kept warm in a little old tea cosy.