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All Sprung Now.

Loani Prior

When the house is a tip, one is wont to invoke Margaret Olly and imagine it might be immortalised in a museum when death comes. But then friends decide to visit and.....

This is where I blog from. The basket in the corner of the desk is for when Purl keeps me company. I haven't decided what to do with the bunnykins bowls yet. One was mine as a child and the other one, I bought since. The "in" tray usually also has a cat in it with the paperwork dumped on the floor. Priorities!

This is where I put my current "projects in progress" - on this lovely new piece of furniture from Freedom 30% off sale.

And there are pretties on the wall. Some mine. Some others'. The chook fabric was a gift from Demetra. She found it on her travels to Japan last year and thought of moi! I scored. Noice. Some fabric should just be framed and hung on the wall.

And I finished the Jackson Pollack Quilt. It's not for everyone, very quirky. Micky gets it! Kindred quilters we are, we are. Thank you Micky. Oh Ok. Some others of you like it too. But most importantly, it's nuts and I love it. Off to Julian's granddaughter soon.


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