Chaotic Calm

Loani Prior If you don't have a go, you'll never know. I blame Mr Nicholas Ball (on insta as #quiltsfromtheattic). It's called improv quilting. I did it with curves and for a no-nonsense girl who likes to get from A to B in a straight line, it proved a revelation. I'm not sure I'll ever use a ruler again. Well, not until the next time anyhow.

Photo 1: Place the two joining pieces one on top of the other, overlapping just enough to underlay the deepest trough in the curve.

Photo 2: Free hand the cutting with your rotary cutter (taking care not to slice the tip of your index finger off.

Photo 3: There is quite a bit of fabric loss. The underlying piece will be relocated to your scrap box.

Photo 4: Place the 2 pieces right side together and sew. I finally realised what that hooky thingy is that came with my new Bernina. I press my knee against it and it lifts the foot, keeping both hands free to ease the curves together. Brilliant.

Appliqued circles seemed necessary. It is particularly hard to find soft, pretty, proper pinks. Basting and hand quilting still to come. Spot your fabrics Irene and Sandy? And anyone else?


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