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Eating Off Our Laps

Lynda Harrison 1. Progress on my MSG quilt. Almost all elements are outline quilted, and once that’s complete, I’ll go back and fill in the blank spaces with either more element outlines, or perhaps some sort of grid. I’ll know when I get to it! I quilt maybe a couple of hours most days whilst Jerry sleeps, and listen to an audiobook at the same time. At present it’s The Tattooist of Auschwitz.

2. Half inch hexes which I work on in the evenings whilst listening to whatever’s on tv. Trying to complete the pattern, which I’ll then surround with randomly placed coloured hexes.

3. And a stinker of a jigsaw. It has no straight edges, 5 extra pieces and only a part picture to follow. Took me 3 or 4 days, so we had to eat off our laps all that time, ‘cos I did it on the dining table!


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