Southern Delights

Loani Prior

Me and The Bloke drove to Sydney and back. We arrived home yesterday. I have to admit to giving all our family and friends inappropriately long hugs, to make up for all the lost hugs during COVID. No one seemed to mind at all. Indeed they didn't let go either. We are people who need people after all. First night Yamba, second night North Haven. Three nights in the big smoke and like the proverbial horse with a nose for home, just the one night stay in Maclean on the way back. A fine adventure!

A holiday wouldn't be a holiday without some purchases.

This is my childhood teddy bear, lost to the Darwin Cyclone in 1974, found again in a Brunswick Heads store, Wednesday last. He looks as if he's been well loved. He certainly must have had many adventures. My child's heart is filled to the brim with his homecoming.

These fabric treasures were found in the new Balmain Achieve "The Sewing Basket" where everything needlecraft goes when we stitchers go to the great sewing basket in the sky. Or just downsize. I was in heaven!

Left pic for patchwork. Right pic for summer frocks.

And that Jackson Pollock quilt - well it was received with love and joy. Introducing Julian's son Dan, and granddaughter, Marlo.


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