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Stash Reorganisation

Note from Loani: Be sure to scroll down to see all 7 fabulous photos!

Lynda Harrison

In response to a challenge from Loani, who showed us hers, I’m showing you mine. (Jerry, my OH, worries you may all think I’m showing off, but I’m sure some of you have just as much, and for those who don’t, perhaps the fact that I sometimes lie awake at night worrying about how I’m ever going to get through it all, and why on earth I bought some of it in the first place, will make up for it!) Sandy, we need another destash day when we get together again!

1. The bottom shelves are a fairly accurate representation of how the whole looked before I started to tidy

2. Facing the other way, and yet to be tackled

3. One of my ‘sorting stations’

4 and 5. Camellia time in my back garden (just for some light relief)

6. Tidy shelves! The plastic bin in the foreground contains my Kaffe Fassett/Brandon Mably/Phillip Jacobs/Martha Negley fabrics, and the black bag on top is full of scraps and bits of these that are too small or awkwardly shaped to fold. The basket on the left is full of AOV scraps (Any Other Variety)

7. Progress shot of my current evening occupation. There are so many mistakes in this, but I DON’T CARE! "


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