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We've Gone Viral

Well, me little lovelies - we are going to stay in touch, yes we are!!! Via this BLOG. Send me your news and pictures of your WIPs via email and I will post here for all the group to see. Do not be shy. I want something from everyone, don't rush me now.

First up are the pics from the Rowdy Rooster workshop held on 10 March when the world still seemed relatively normal. Thank you Workshop Girls for being such generous guinea piglets and helping me get through my second 'collage and stitch' workshop. You weren't the only ones riding the learning curve. I came home that evening feeling replete. Your rooster love buoyed me no end.

Gwenda Apel - Rooster Blues. Gwenda was planning the next collage and stitch as she left the workshop.

Irene Baker-Finch (left early for lunch with her Verandah Girls). Gotta see this one finished. Love it.

Here's the rest of you looking pretty pleased with yourselves - as you should.

Sarah said she couldn't draw to save herself. Ha!

Gwenda's finished fellow.

Micky felt a bush turkey was more her thing. I just wish I had thought of it first.

Manny used her naturally dyed fabrics. Love it. So different.

Oh yeah. And Mary said she couldn't draw either. Secret talents.

Sarah's fab fellow leapt off the canvas! Can't wait to see him finished. Picaso but not Picaso.

And our Judy Guthrie drew this beauty. Look at that expression. Another who said she couldn't . You girls don't know WHAT you can do.


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